4WD Turbo Diesel Tuning

4WD Performance Tuning

Car manufacturers develop an engine to meet different types of criteria including emissions, power and fuel economy. However, these engines are used to run different makes and models of vehicles depending on their intended use. Therefore, these engines are not tuned to their potential and hence the need for 4WD diesel tuning.

Supertech Auto repair in Melbourne uses specialized equipment and software to reprogram the computer of your car. With minimal adjustments, we can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy, driveability and increase the power & torque of your engine. Since vehicles vary, we tune each vehicle differently to achieve the desired results. Some of the adjustments include:

  • Fuel pressure adjustment
  • Fuel injection timing/duration of injection
  • Increasing turbo boost

Turbo diesel tuning process entails the following steps:

  • To avoid contaminating the internal parts and the fuel system, the engine is cleaned externally
  • Your car is connected to test equipment to check certain variables like smoke emissions, boost pressure, injection timing & Tachometer, pump pressure & return flow and exhaust back pressure
  • To simulate the conditions of the road, the vehicle is run on a 2WD or 4WD dynamometer. This simulation also helps our specialist view a readout of your car’s performance before diesel chip tuning for results comparison
  • After collecting the data, we analyze it, estimate the cost of diesel tuning your car and then contact you. Our tuning specialists will walk you through all your options and offer professional advice
  • After you’ve agreed on the way forward, our technicians commence on tuning your car by changing the filters, adjusting the valves, injector bench testing, and resetting the injector pump to meet the manufacturer’s specification glow plug testing. The technicians also reset the car’s turbocharger pressure, clean the fuel compensator housing and fix any advanced system problems
  • Finally, we run your car on the dyno to read and compare results before and after diesel tuning your car

4WD tuning your car offers numerous benefits and you should consider having yours tuned. Supertech Auto repairs have been offering turbo diesel tuning services across Melbourne at an affordable cost. Our technicians are well equipped, experienced and knowledgeable to offer reliable car tuning services. Visit our website to learn more about us.