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ECU / Engine Management

Most late model vehicles contain an ECU (Engine Control Unit), which is effectively a computer that controls engine management. ECU Remapping (Tuning / Engine Calibration) is a calculated and precise method of directly manipulating the factory ECU. It enables fine-tuning of the software program that controls your engine management system, without having to replace any part. This process is the same process manufacturers’ use when building a vehicle in the assembly line.

How does it work?

The aim of an internal combustion engine is to burn the fuel as effectively as possible. Ultimately you want to turn that fuel into energy and not emissions. Increasing torque means that less throttle is required to achieve the same acceleration. This can both increase power and significantly lower fuel consumption. Taking into account local conditions, loads, and performance requirements, tuning upgrades the ECU’s software to ensure that optimal power and torque is available at all times. Further, any function managed by the ECU can be modified, so a fully-customized tune can be developed for your vehicle, conditions, and preferences.


DPC vs Tuning

Until recently, plug-in diesel performance chips (DPCs) were used to enhance diesel vehicle performance. In basic terms, DPCs work by pushing more fuel through and increasing line pressure, which boosts power. There are some more advanced chips on the market that can perform additional functions, however, they are all categorized as an INDIRECT tuning device. In the days where vehicle computers were not as complex as they are now this method was the only option, however with the advancement of technology, DPC’s are unable to modify parameters like torque management which is a key element in vehicle tuning. In this instance, it’s possible for the vehicle to go into limp mode as the DPC effectively “fights” with the torque management functionality.

Because ECU remapping is the same method that the manufacturer uses, it can take into consideration ALL of the relevant parameters when tuning your vehicle. This is vital in not only producing more power and torque but also to ensure that all vehicle functionality and safety features work as intended.

Working With Your Hardware

Your vehicle’s hardware determines the degree to which ECU remapping will improve your vehicle’s performance. It may not be possible to achieve your desired performance with standard hardware. Prior to performing the tune, our dealers calculate the effect of the upgrade on your clutch, fuel injection system, turbo, diesel particulate filter, oxygen sensors, and other performance-related parts. They then provide you with all the information you require to determine the right balance between performance improvements, safety, and vehicle longevity, enabling you make an informed decision about how to achieve your desired result.

When Should I Consider  Tuning?

When aftermarket changes are made to your vehicle, such as the addition of a turbocharger or inter-cooler, conversion to alternative fuel, or changing of the exhaust system. When your vehicle is exhibiting noticeable acceleration lag or flat spot. ECU remapping virtually eliminates this. When you regularly tow with your vehicle. When you want to reduce fuel consumption. When you want to boost power.

What Makes Diesel Tuning Different?

You may have noticed other companies offering to tune. Here’s why you should choose Diesel…

  • Unique technology: Diesel tuning agents have licensed holders of this technology and as such can guarantee outcomes. Genuine ECU remapping, tailored to your requirements. Our tuning files are developed and written locally. A number of companies simply buy tuning files and reuse them – be wary of anyone offering “overnight programming”.
  • High level of technical service: Our dealers are unique in that they offer both on-site and in-store tuning, with only one visit required.
  • Coverage: We have diesel tuning agents all over Australia, and are sure to have one near you.
  • Direct Contact: If you have concerns or questions about the process, simply give us a call and you can talk directly to the tech that will calibrate your vehicle.
Is  Diesel just for 4×4’s? 

No, we can calibrate a wide range of vehicles including passenger vehicles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, trucks, transporters, and agricultural machinery. If you don’t see your vehicle listed on this site, please give us a call or contact us using the form below.

The bottom line:

Each and every vehicle calibration that Diesel uses is written by highly experienced calibrators based in Australia. Many others claim to tune but in fact they purchase “files” from overseas (which may not be suitable for our fuels and climatic conditions). If you’re looking at getting your vehicle tuned simply ask the question “can I speak to the tech that will tune my car”? Here at  Diesel the answer is always yes.

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