Car Turbo Diesel Tuning

Diesel Turbo TuningAt Supertech Auto, we offer the best and trustworthy car performance tuning services in Melbourne. We have well trained and experienced mechanics who can perform diesel tuning for all 4WD vehicles. The advanced technology in diesel engines requires world-class equipment to tune them.

Manufacturers design diesel engines to withstand stress, making them the ideal candidates for performance tuning. To achieve that, we can use advanced ECU tuning software and equipment to perform ECU remapping of your vehicle’s computer. We will inspect your 4WD dyno before proceeding with the chip tuning. On the dyno, we check the fuel and sensors ratio then adjust the ECU software to increase the power and torque of the engine to improve its driveability and fuel consumption. We do this through the standard communication plug of the vehicle. After the diesel chip tuning, we re-test your vehicle to ensure it is safe and performs well.

Most 4WDs achieve a 20 percent increase in power and torque on the minimum. Several 4WD models average around 35 percent engine improvement on power and torque, and others even gain 40 percent more torque and more power after the diesel tuning.

Benefits of Diesel ECU remapping

When you increase your 4WD engine performance, general turbo chip tuning or diesel remapping through the OBD, it is essential to have accurate power curve and fuel consumption ratios with you. ECU tech diesel tuning comes with the following benefits:

  • Improved throttle response
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Increased torque
  • Increased horsepower
  • Safer overtaking
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Economy Remap

We achieve the power and economy benefits by adjusting significant parameters in the vehicle’s ECU software, like fuel delivery rates, timing, and throttle response, pressure boost.

When you pick your vehicle after the chip tuning, you will enjoy

  • Software lifetime warranty
  • 30-Day refund guarantee

Apart from diesel tuning, we also offer other mechanical upgrades such as:

  • Catch can systems
  • Turbo upgrades
  • Top and front intercooler mount upgrades
  • Exhaust system upgrades

If you feel your vehicle needs improvement in performance, or you want to make it more fuel-efficient, seek diesel tuning at Supertech Auto. We have the expertise to ensure optimum engine performance in the vehicles of our customers in Melbourne.