Mazda ECU Remapping

ECU remapping solutions are available for all vehicles listed below, If you don’t see your vehicle listed please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to find out what tuning solutions we have available for your vehicle.

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Mazda ECU Remapping

BT-50 (2011-2017)

Engine: 3.2 Litre T/D
Standard: 147 Kw
Standard: 470 Nm
SuperTech: 182 Kw
SuperTech: 635 Nm

BT-50 (2011-2017)

Engine: 2.2 Litre T/D
Standard: 110 Kw
Standard: 375 Nm
SuperTech: 138 Kw
SuperTech: 453 Nm

BT-50 (2006-2011)

Engine: 3 Litre T/D
Standard: 115 Kw
Standard: 380 Nm
SuperTech: 149 Kw
SuperTech: 480 Nm

BT-50 (2010-2011)

Engine: 2.5 Litre T/D
Standard: 105 Kw
Standard: 330 Nm
SuperTech: 130 Kw
SuperTech: 418 Nm


A SuperTech remap will usually result in 20% more power, 20% more torque, and a 5% reduction in fuel consumption. Because each vehicle is tuned individually figures may vary depending on your specific requirements. ECU remapping is particularly beneficial for improving fuel economy when towing, and for vehicles that have undergone aftermarket modifications.
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